CoreFlex4D Exercise Tutorial - PLANK TO PIKE

November 01, 2023

What is Plank To Pike?

Plank to Pike on the CoreFlex4D involves both upper and lower body movement, engaging the entire body, but specifically targeting both the upper and lower core muscles.

Why do Plank To Pike?

The Plank to Pike is a great workout for the entire abs & core region, but especially for the lower and upper abs. Additionally, it works the entire body, including shoulders, chest, and legs, so you're sure to feel this one. It not only improves overall body strength, but also improves mobility and flexibility in the calves and hamstrings.

How to do Plank To Pike?

For this exercise you will need the CoreFlex4D and a pair of Core Sliders.

Start in the standard plank position on the CoreFlex4D - forearms on the arm rests, hands holding on to the bar. Place your toes on each of the Sliders.

From this position, simultaneously slide your feet in towards your upper body while pulling the CoreFlex4D down towards your lower body. Make sure to keep your knees locked at all times, so that at the end of the movement your butt is pointing upwards. Return to the starting Plank position and repeat.

Pro Tips
  1. Keep you back and legs as straight as possible throughout the entire movement.
  2. Contract your muscles as you bring your feet in towards the center.
  3. Keep your body aligned and do not twist or lean to the sides.