CoreFlex4D Exercise Tutorial - SLIDER JACKS

November 01, 2023

What are Slider Jacks?

Slider Jacks with the CoreFlex4D are an upgraded version of the Plank Jacks exercise, achieved by replacing the jumping motion with a sliding motion, enabled by using Core Sliders.

Why do Slider Jacks?

Slider Jacks are a great way to work your lower and mid abs. The sliding motion of the legs engages the hip flexors and gluteus minimus while increasing the stimulation of the core and improving flexibility of the legs.

This is a fun exercise that is simple to execute but has tremendous effect on the abs & core.

How to do Slider Jacks?

For this exercise you will need the CoreFlex4D and a pair of Core Sliders.

Start in the standard plank position on the CoreFlex4D - forearms on the arm rests, hands holding on to the bar. Place your toes on each of the Sliders.

From this position, simultaneously spread your legs outwards while keeping the glutes engaged. Hold for a bit, then bring the legs back to the starting position. Repeat for as many repetitions as you can.

Pro Tips
  1. Keep you back and legs as straight and your body aligned.
  2. Don't twist. The only movement should be of your legs.
  3. Increase difficulty by holding the CoreFlex4D further away from your body. The further away the more difficult it will be. 
  4. Over time, try to increase the extension of your legs to work on flexibility as well.