CoreFlex4D Exercise Tutorial - PLANK CRAWLS

November 01, 2023

What are Plank Crawls?

Plank Crawls is an exercise that take full advantage of the benefits the CoreFlex4D has to offer. It is an extremely effective advanced exercise that combines the static Plank position with dynamic movement.

Why do Plank Crawls?

Due to the nature of the movement, Plank Crawls are a great way to stimulate the entire core, while making the stabilizing muscles work overtime. Additionally, the legs play an important role in this exercise, giving your legs and glutes a great workout in addition to your abs & core.

Plank Crawls can be done either based on time or repetitions.

How to do Plank Crawls?

For this exercise you will need the CoreFlex4D only. Make sure you have enough space to move forward and backwards (recommended at least 5 feet).

Start in the standard plank position on the CoreFlex4D - forearms on the arm rests, hands holding on to the bar. Make sure your elbows are directly under your shoulders at a 90 degree angle at all times during the exercise.

One leg at a time, while keeping the knees slightly above the floor, start crawling forward 4-5 steps, then crawl back to your starting position. Aim to repeat 5 times or 30 seconds before taking a break, then repeat as many times, or for as long as you can.