Who We Are...

I use to hate working on my abs. Well, more like a love-hate relationship really. But more on that in a second…

Max, my good friend and co-founder of CoreMasters and CoreFlex4D, and I met during our military service. We were always into fitness and working out, but became real fitness enthusiasts after we completed our service. I’m talking Rocky-Balboa-and-Apollo-Creed-running-on-the-beach style enthusiasts. 

Well, not exactly, but you get the point… 

But as the years went by, we came to the sad conclusion that keeping fit and healthy in today's fast-paced high-achievement lifestyle is not easy (oh yeah, and COVID didn’t help either, to say the least). 

With age, less free time, and changing priorities and necessities, staying fit and looking great required optimal use of the little time we had. We needed better results in less time, and none of the existing solutions were good enough. We knew there just had to be better and more effective ways to work out. 

So, deciding to focus first on the abs & core (sure, a ‘Dad Bod’ is nice, but flat abs and a ripped 6-pack is better!) we set out on our journey. Over the next couple of years we observed, researched, and consulted with fitness professionals, gym owners, and product designers, coupled the findings with our own knowledge and experience, and came to a very important realization

Just like free weights work better than weight machines, because they require the muscles to stabilize themselves thus engaging the entire area, the same concept could be (and should be) applied to abs & core workouts. If we could engage the entire abs & core region in every movement, and if we could get the muscles to consistently be stimulated, we would literally be RE-INVENTING ABS & CORE WORKOUTS, and results would improve exponentially! 

Boom! Lightbulb moment! 

The end result was the development of the CoreFlex4D – the only abs & core trainer that actually takes advantage of the abs & core’s natural role – stabilization of the body – and utilizes it to get better results than any other abs & core trainer available today. Take a look for yourselves HERE

And as for my love-hate relationship with my abs – I loved working on my abs, and I loved that feeling after a good abs workout. But I hated the fact that I just couldn’t get the results I was looking for. After all, I couldn’t hit the gym 6 times a week any more. 

But the CoreFlex4D fixed exactly that, and as soon as we were ready to share our idea with the world, we were off! 

Ready to re-invent your own abs & core workouts? Let’s go

Roy Bell,
Co-founder, CoreFlex4D by CoreMasters