3 Simple Actions To Begin Creating Good Habits

April 14, 2021

Bad habits are hard to break. Good ones are hard to stick to! There are a few strategies you can implement to create small but meaningful changes in your life bit by bit. This new year, it’s time to make the most out of your health, fitness, and overall well-being. These are three simple things you can begin with!

1. Begin with a way-too-easy habit. 

Create a habit that is so small and easy you can’t say no to! Begin exercising for one minute a day. Is your goal to eat healthier? Eat one healthy meal this week. You don’t have to change your life dramatically right away. Don’t compare yourself to others. Your only real competition is yourself! 

2. Think about what is holding you back.

Have you always told people you’re “just not an exercise person”? Analyze what it is you don’t actually like. Do you really not like to exercise? Or is it that you do not like the hassle of going to a gym? Is it working out in front of people? Figure what is stopping you from reaching your goals. 

3. Make a plan. 

You can’t expect to be perfect at something you’re new at. You’re going to fail sometimes. Judging yourself or feeling guilty does not help, making a plan does! The important thing is to get right back on track when you do. That’s what makes the difference. 

End bad habits and start on a healthier track. 

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