Here’s how to ACTUALLY get started exercising

April 08, 2021

Getting started is certainly the toughest part. A great way to begin your way to a healthy and  fit body is to begin with small steps. If the idea of exercising once (or several times a day!) sounds overwhelming to you, we’ve got a few tips to beginslowly but surelygetting your life on the  fitness track.  

1. Stand up to take phone calls

We spend a lot of time sitting down. It’s important to have an activity that reminds us to get our  blood flowing  and stretch our muscles out a bit. Knowing you have to  stand up when talking on the phone or responding to a text will make you unconsciously more active than before.

2. Park just a little bit farther 

Small actions such as  not choosing the nearest parking space add up! Walking that extra bit makes a difference. Believe us. 

3. Walk or bike to your destination 

Whenever possible, try unwinding by  biking or  walking. Got a little trip to the corner store? Leave the car behind and enjoy the fresh air. 

4. Make your environment enjoyable 

Working out  can  and  should be fun. Spend time picking out your most inspiring playlist, set up a nice view at home, and clean up your space to feel at peace. 

5. Have your equipment on plain sight

Having your equipment ready to go makes squeezing in a workout so much easier. Have five minutes to kill? Get on your  AbsMaster  and do a few reps! You’ll feel so much better for the rest of the day.