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So so

So the functionality of the roller is good just not the price. I bought this thing (isn’t cheap) and no workouts came with it. No instructional video or link. With the price a workout should come with it

Hi Timothy. Every order of the CoreFlex4D includes our free training 'The Fundamentals of 4D Dynamic Core Training' in which we explain and demonstrate all the main exercises with the CoreFlex4D, and additional tips and techniques from our head trainer. We can't find your order number (perhaps it was ordered under a different name), so if you did not get the link to download this training with your order please contact us with your order number at and we'll look into this.

Best ab workout

I am 220 and consider myself out of shape. Been doing coreflex4d everyday for 5 days now and my abs are really sore but a lot tighter than usual. I do this to finish out my workout for the day. I can only do the regular rolling and on my knees for now but i can tell that i am getting stronger and eventually would be able to do the more advance moves. This also hits your triceps as well as your back which i love as well. I will do this everyday until i am back in shape. Goal is to loose 20-30 lbs.

I like it

It's the absolute best ab roller all core and less upper body

Stringer already

This device gets you where you want to be in less time!


Great piece of equipment for engaging the core muscles. Takes stress off the arms with comfortable pads. It’s been an awesome addition to my workout routine

Working core in multi dimensions

Super happy with CoreFlex 4D!!
Very humbling because it really exposes weak movements and allows you to really hit them.
I’m finding that a short workout with CF4 gets more done than all the core work I previously did. Looking forward to developing more with this great tool!!

It’s a beast.

I used a standard wheel for a while. I recently upgraded to this product and I love it. Easier on my shoulders. Allows focus on the core. Love it.

AB.solutely !

Definitely can feel it and I’ve only used it a few times. It really will work your core


An amazing product. Design is outstanding



I love this gizmo. It's so simple yet, damn, this thing works the core like nothing else I've tried and I've been at the workout lifestyle for almost 50 years. Best of all, there is little to no trauma to the joints, which is key for those of us with years of wear and tear. An individual can really dig in, the challenge is only limited by the imagination. Check out the image taken yesterday of me at the beach. Results like this are truly possible when combined with a disciplined regular routine and healthy lifestyle. Definitely give this a try!

Very useful. I recommend

I like that you can adjust the length

Ab roller

Great stability easy roller resistance more comfortable longer reps

Innovative Destabilization Tool

I had high hopes when purchasing this product, and was not disappointed. It incorporates shifting work naturally without much thought. I would say it's superior to traditional shifting work as I feel greater core destabilization and as a result more muscle fiber recruitment. Excellent tool for improving core stabilizing strength. It's a strict improvement over traditional ab rollers, in my opinion. I will use this for at home client personal training.

Saving my triceps

This has been the best investment for my core ! Saves my elbows and triceps and focuses all the energy to my abs. Love it !

Coreflex 4D 2.0

Excellent product.

Just wish it came with a workout schedule for the price you pay for it.

Hey Matt. We're very glad to hear you love your CoreFlex4D. We provide a training video with each purchase that teaches the fundamental exercises and techniques of 4D Dynamic Core Training with the CoreFlex4D, and twice a month we send emails with new exercise routines, including a detailed written and visual explanation. We also offer additional workout programs, such as the 30-day Challenge and Core Sliders Training which can be purchased. On our private Facebook community users and our trainers also share additional tips and exercises which you can implement.

Amazing tool

The coreflex is an amazing tool. If you want to improve your core, this is the perfect tool to do it. Take your time and let the 30 day challenge guide you to amazing results.

Works like it should!

NordiCore Multi-Functional Trainer

I love it!

It’s been exactly what I’d hoped it be and do for my core. I used a little bit more everyday and my core strength improves along with it. It’s a great piece of fitness equipment. I’m glad I purchased it.

Fun and easy to use!

So much better than your typical ab roller. Gives you a much better workout too! I actually feel my entire core is engaged throughput the workout. It’s also fun to use!

NordiCore Multi-Functional Trainer

NordiCore Multi-Functional Trainer

Core Flex 4d

This thing work’s awesome!!! Way more stable & gives the ultimate workout for your core!!!!