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Just what I needed to get serious about my core. If you’re on the fence about buying this… buy it. You won’t regret it.

AB Burner

Awesome toy 4 Deep abs


This is gruesome!!

New user

Best core tool for Abs I have ever used. After recovering from Covid now, down since December 2021; now, today; I am released by doctors to resume normal life. This will benefit me a lot. Thank you


I instantly felt my abs start to work as soon as I started using the coreflex 3D . By far the best I've used

Amazing product helps with more then one body part.

Six pack here I come!

As a fit and healthy 69 year old, I push myself hard every day. The Coreflex 4D is a fabulous addition to my daily routines. A few long rollouts, either on my knees or not, get my core muscles twitching nicely. I love the balancing, in other words, it’s all good!

A must-have training program to anybody who owns a CoreFlex4D

I love using my CoreFlex4D, but I am the kind of person who needs a little kick in the butt every now and then, and this training was exactly what I needed. The short daily workout sessions make it very easy to follow on a daily basis, and the workouts are excellent. By the end of the training I could feel a significant improvement in my core strength and I love the way my abs look. I also love that it gave me a lot of understanding of how to use the CoreFlex and it gave me ideas on exercises I could do on my own.
I definitely recommend this training program to anyone who owns a CoreFlex!

!CorePlex 4D

Love my new CoreFlex ... I have used a set of AkroWheels for years, and my new CoreFlex is so much better ... great workout for core without damaging wrists, hands or forearms. Love it


It is very challenging. It definitely works your core.

great device

the best type of abs roller. takes pressure off shoulders too with forearm rest.

The Best Ab Machine Ever

I can't tell you how many times I thank God for finding your machine. Your machine transformed by abdominal shape and strengthened my core and eliminated my back pain. There are so many ways to use it so you are never board. I take it to every gym I go to and I go to 3 gyms. The first one is Golds Gym in Chatsworth California, the second one is fitness 19 in same city and state and the third one is Flex gym in Woodland Hills California. Members are always asking me about the the CoreFlex becuase they see me doing and I let them use it to try it. Few members in in all gyms purchased it and all are happy with it. I wish you have it in different colors so they look different when you have few people bringing it to the gym.

The Reliable CoreFlex4D Ab Wheel

The CoreFlex4D - Dynamic Core Trainer is the simplest most productive piece of exercise equipment I have ever had and I have had a lot in the past. I look forward to using it daily if possible and the results are obvious.

Thank you, CoreFlex4D - Dynamic Core Trainer

CoreFlex4D™ - Dynamic Core Trainer


The best I have to admit it it won’t allow you to fall. It’s the best of use out of all those ad rollers




I think it’s well put together machine and it make doing my abs easier the the other ab wheels

CoreFlex4D™ - Dynamic Core Trainer

CoreFlex4D™ - Dynamic Core Trainer

AbsMaster Pro™ with Resistance Band

The best!!!


Tough. But easy

This device is still champ. But I'm gaining on it. Getting better every day. It sits in front of my TV cause its so easy to drop down and do sets during football games or other sports I watch. Then it's escorted back to the gym.

Trenton Bel VOYAGER 45L Premium Travel Bag
Betty Bergnaum

Great bag. A little more than it seemed.

Trenton Bel VOYAGER 45L Premium Travel Bag
Demetrius Barton

Bag Super

Trenton Bel VOYAGER 45L Premium Travel Bag
Elliott Kutch