AbsMaster - How to Use

The AbsMaster Pro is easy to use and connects to your floor in seconds, using its extra large suction cup.

Suction cups require smooth and flat surfaces to connect properly. On surfaces that allow air to enter under the suction cup (such as when placed above gaps in the floor, ridged wooden floors, etc), optimal suction may not be achieved. 

For such cases, each AbsMaster Pro includes 4 reusable and removable floor stickers, which transform any floor to a flat and smooth surface to which the AbsMaster can connect. 

To ensure proper suction to the floor, please follow the instructions below and watch the short video demonstration. 

  1. Select an area with a smooth and flat floor. It is not recommended to use over large gaps, or on bumpy or porous floors.
  2. Before every use, clean the floor and suction cup with a slightly damp cloth to ensure there are no tiny particles which can cause air to slowly enter below the suction cup.
  3. Position the AbsMaster on the floor, with the lever pointing away from you, avoiding any gaps or ridges in the floor as much as possible.
  4. Firmly press down the AbsMaster towards the floor and push the lever all the way down. You may need to use a bit of force to push the lever down as it creates the suction.
  5. If your floor is not smooth enough to create proper suction, or you must place the suction cup on a gap, use the included floor stickers as demonstrated in the video.
  6. If proper suction cannot be achieved over time, disconnect and re-position the AbsMaster on the floor. 
  7. TO REMOVE: pull the lever up, and carefully lift the AbsMaster from the floor. If you feel there is still suction, slightly lift a part of the suction cup with your finger to let air in and release the suction. DO NOT use force when pulling up from the floor to avoid damage to the suction cup and spring.



For any additional questions, please contact us at help@masteryourcore.com, or click HERE.