Is 4D Dynamic Core Training with the CoreFlex4D really as good as people are raving about? 
I had to try it, and here's what I discovered...

Oct. 30, 2022 | By Matt Welling

As a Fitness Product Reviewer and a fitness enthusiast that has tested countless fitness products, I couldn’t wait to see what's all the fuss about this new CoreFlex4D I've been hearing about

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to test out the new CoreFlex4D Dynamic Core Trainer. I sighed, thinking it was just another entry into the already-crammed ab wheel segment, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

See, ab wheels came about with a brilliant intent – to help really target those core muscles. They also helped integrate workouts with triceps, lats, and shoulders. Unfortunately though, they all had two major flaws:
1) They were very uncomfortable to use, leaving your wrists and shoulder aching
2) They were very limited in the exercises you could do with them, and in the way they engaged the core muscles

However, from the moment I received the CoreFlex4D, I knew this was going to be different. 

The World's Only 4D Dynamic Core Trainer

Before I go on, it is important to note that the CoreFlex4D is not referred to as an "ab wheel" but rather a '4D Dynamic Core Trainer' (for good reason, which I explain below), and it is the only 4D Dynamic Core Trainer available in the market today.

I was certainly skeptical when the CoreFlex4D arrived. But I’d agreed to review it, so I took it out of the box and looked it over. I could tell right away that this was going to be a game-changer in the world of abs & core workouts. 

The CoreFlex4D is sturdy and made of high quality materials, and instead of just a wheel with handles, it has a padded, curved stainless steel handle that connects to high-density foam padded elbow/forearm rests. It's designed to be used in such a way that eliminates the pressure off your wrists and shoulders. As for the wheel itself, it’s much wider than most others I’ve seen, with a sturdy rubber grip designed to protect your floors. 

The basic way to use the CoreFlex4D is very similar to the traditional Plank. But because your forearms are not flat and stable on the floor, but rather they are rested on an unstable and moving surface, it's like taking that traditional Plank - a very effective exercise as it is - and super-charging it

So, what’s this '4D' all about?

Think about it for a second - the main function of the core muscles is to stabilize and support the body from all different angles and directions. Yet for some reason, most of the traditional abs exercises I was doing, and likely you as well, such as the Plank, Crunches, Leg Raises, and the others, are either static or 2-dimensional at the most. 

But 4D Core Training with the CoreFlex4D is a different story. This type of training engages the entire core from a 360° angle by adding elements of instability, movement and angles that are not possible with traditional abs exercises. You can twist, tilt, lean, roll, rock, and more, all the while the muscles are engaged to stabilize the body. In all honesty, 4D Core Training is INSANE!

SOURCE: CoreFlex4D product page

The Verdict - my final thoughts on CoreFlex4D

As for my own personal experience with this 4D core trainer, I found it to be a very well built and thoughtfully-designed piece of fitness equipment that did what it promised, and then some. I’ve seen so many products that promise you a flat belly just by looking at it. The CoreFlex4D truly brings a major core workout, unlike anything else I ever tried, that’s simple to do yet leaves you feeling the burn. I could feel how it helped me target my entire core, including muscles in my core that I’d been unknowingly neglecting. 

I also love the smart functional design. Because of the way it's built, creating that instability and allowing all these new exercises, my abs and core were more toned and defined. This is also due to how it protects your wrists and shoulders from pain, so you can do the exercises properly and with full motion, getting you even better and quicker results. With other ab wheels, I always found that at some point my movements started to be incomplete because of the discomfort in my wrists.

Another thing I noticed over the few weeks I've been working out with the CoreFlex4D is that in addition to getting leaner, more toned abs, I have better stability and balance at my age than I did even in my 20s. It’s an all-around excellent fitness product that I’m delighted I got the chance to review before anyone else. 

The CoreFlex4D is definitely something I recommend for getting your abs flat and toned and strengthening your core. Plus, there are so many exercises you can do with it that the workouts never get boring. This is like no other abs and core exercise I've done in the past. I’d give it a solid 10/10. 

Where You Can Get the CoreFlex4D

The CoreFlex4D is only available online, but it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you're unsatisfied in any way you can return it (not that I think anyone ever would).

At the moment the CoreFlex4D is offered at a limited time 30% discount, PLUS you get a free training video, in which a trainer explains and demonstrate how to do all the 4D exercises I was talking about earlier, so you know you're off to a good start as soon as you get yours. Just keep in mind that this is a limited time offer.

So if you're looking to upgrade your abs workouts, there's no better time than the present (especially with the special offer they have now). Click the link below to go to the CoreFlex4D website to learn more, read more reviews, and to get yours.

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