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Timothy Cline
So so

So the functionality of the roller is good just not the price. I bought this thing (isn’t cheap) and no workouts came with it. No instructional video or link. With the price a workout should come with it

Hi Timothy. Every order of the CoreFlex4D includes our free training 'The Fundamentals of 4D Dynamic Core Training' in which we explain and demonstrate all the main exercises with the CoreFlex4D, and additional tips and techniques from our head trainer. We can't find your order number (perhaps it was ordered under a different name), so if you did not get the link to download this training with your order please contact us with your order number at and we'll look into this.

Harold Lerma
Best ab workout

I am 220 and consider myself out of shape. Been doing coreflex4d everyday for 5 days now and my abs are really sore but a lot tighter than usual. I do this to finish out my workout for the day. I can only do the regular rolling and on my knees for now but i can tell that i am getting stronger and eventually would be able to do the more advance moves. This also hits your triceps as well as your back which i love as well. I will do this everyday until i am back in shape. Goal is to loose 20-30 lbs.

Mister Taylor
I like it

It's the absolute best ab roller all core and less upper body

Henry Blair
Stringer already

This device gets you where you want to be in less time!

Greg Osborne

Great piece of equipment for engaging the core muscles. Takes stress off the arms with comfortable pads. It’s been an awesome addition to my workout routine

Barry D
Working core in multi dimensions

Super happy with CoreFlex 4D!!
Very humbling because it really exposes weak movements and allows you to really hit them.
I’m finding that a short workout with CF4 gets more done than all the core work I previously did. Looking forward to developing more with this great tool!!

Roger Scheck
It’s a beast.

I used a standard wheel for a while. I recently upgraded to this product and I love it. Easier on my shoulders. Allows focus on the core. Love it.

Paula Randolph
AB.solutely !

Definitely can feel it and I’ve only used it a few times. It really will work your core

Steve Starkman

An amazing product. Design is outstanding

Joseph Andrews