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Stacy M
The Best!

There are many more standardized Ab Roller models, but this one is by far the most effective. The standard Ab Roller requires the user to grab the ale of the roller with both hands and gradually move forward (and then reverse) to work the abdominal muscles. This inadvertently places most of the torque on the user's hand and wrist area as opposed to the abdominal muscles. With the CoreFlex Roller design, the user's elbows are supporting their weight which shifts the concentration straight to the abdominal muscles. THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE AB WORKOUT TOOL! THE VERY BEST I'VE SEEN WITHIN THE FLOOD OF AB WORKOUT SYSTEMS.

W. Locklear
Works as advertised

The CoreFlex4D ab wheel is as smooth as advertised. The difference between this device and standard ab wheels is it allows the user to perform the desired exercises without the usual stress and discomfort in the shoulder joints. I consider it money well spent.

Tyrone Fanelli
Best Abdominal Equipment

I have tried all machines, exercises and this is the best equipment, it hits the entire Abdominal area. I will definitely recommend this to friends. Five 🌟🌟 🌟 🌟🌟

Mike Brewster
Amazing piece

I am completely blown away by the CoreFlex. I just received it a couple days ago and it really is amazing. I always feel the muscles being really engaged and it’s way better than just a classic plank. Would recommend this product.

Patrick Breuer
Nothing Comes Even Close

The CoreFlex 4D Roller is simply the best product in building your abs and core. There is no comparison. I started using it 3 days ago and does it ever work the entire abs, core. I have a ways to go to develop them…I will get there. This product is worth every penny. You will feel your abs be on fire 🔥.


With a cervical spine injury I struggle with many exercises or even simple stretches that put any strain on the neck. This tool has allowed to me hone in on lower core lower abs in a way I haven’t been able to for years. The elbow supports are a 1st step in transferring pressure that normally hurts my neck and the extended hand grip actually allows me to rest my forehead on my hands allowing me longer and deeper focus on my lower stomach area. I love it and after just a few uses I already notice something I haven’t felt in years.

Jesse whitley
Totally Awesome

I've been doing regular planks for about 3 months, saw this advertisement about the coreflex4D, ordered it and got it about 2 weeks ago, I can do regular planks on forearms and pushup style easily 3 minutes but this gave me the best core workout ever. I'm 62 and doing the 30 day video workout, kicking my butt. I do resistance bands work outs as well. Recommend this to all my friends. Age doesn't matter

Most effective and well built roller I've ever used

Used to have a flimsy plastic wheel before this, the lack of sturdiness and stability made workouts unnecessarily frustrating and harder, ultimately leading to less efficient workouts. This solves all of the issues, super comfortable, wide wheel is great and arm supports are a game changer. Dinged it one star for the price, this thing was more than double the price of the next closest ab wheel, but the build quality and sturdiness is also magnitudes better as well....if you're serious about working out the core, it's probably worth the investment, would def recommend again.

Worth it

I was skeptical with this item but after getting it I love it, hits the core spot on. Strong and sturdy peice as I'm 275 and it works well with my weight

Craig Broten
Like very much but it let's me know I'm out of shap

I am starting to feel results