How I Finally Got the Flat, Toned Abs I Wanted, and No, It’s Not in the Way That You Think! 

Sept 23, 2021 | By Jeremy Knowles

Approaching my late 30s, I thought there was no chance for Toned, flat abs anymore, and that i was destined for a "dad bod" - but i couldn't be further from the truth!

It’s easy to keep a good physique in your 20's. As I got older though, I found it much more difficult to stay in shape, but especially around my abs. In fact, the rest of me looked pretty good. But I was always trying to get flat, toned abs to match. It wasn’t happening. And it wasn’t like I was being lazy about my fitness. I’d go to the gym a few times a week and had several abs exercises in my routine. 

I’m a tough guy but my abs just weren’t firming and toning up no matter what I was doing. And yes, I was eating right too. I was beginning to think that as I moved into my 40s and onward, I’d just have that “Dad Bod”, just like most of my friends. But I didn’t want to settle. 

Just As I was ready to give up, A Fitness Trainer Friend Of Mine Shared a new abs & Core workout he'd recently learned about, that's getting his clients extraordinary results

He told me how he’d recently heard about it from one of his fitness colleagues and immediately fell in love with it, and ever since, he’s been having his clients use it and has highly recommended it to all the people he trains and works with. In fact, he enthused so much about it that this was eventually one of the decisive factors in giving it a try. After all, he is a fitness trainer and knows what he's talking about.

This new workout is called "4D Dynamic Core Training" and my fitness trainer friend did it with a tool called "CoreFlex4D" - a sturdy, impressive looking device. 

The big secret

I do have to admit that even with my fitness traininer friend's recommendation, I wasn’t completely sold at first. I had tried different abs & core workouts, tools and ab wheels before, but they now sit in the corner of my garage gathering dust. As hard as I worked, none of them were able to get me the results I wanted. Did I really need to waste my time and money on another useless tool?

But he swore this was different. He described as "literally like taking the Plank, which is known to be one of the best abs & core exercises, super-charging it, and adding all these new movements you can do from the same basic starting position". Sounded interesting.

The CoreFlex4D is the ONLY tool that's designed to utilize instability and create more movements and angles (hence the name 4D), so it actually dynamically engages the abs & core from a full 360 degree angle, AND there is a very wide variety of new and cool exercises you can do with it compared to any other abs workout device he knew! 

Another great thing that I love about the CoreFlex4D is that because of its unique design, there is no pressure on my wrists or shoulders, which was always something I hated in those ab wheel workouts. So now, I could focus on the correct way to do the exercises without any pain and discomfort, which is crucial for getting the desired results.

There are two main things that make it so much better than any other abs workout device i tried

One of the main roles of the core muscles is to stabilize your body. So naturally, they're always engaged from all different directions. So, if you think about it, why work out those core muscles in a static way, like Planks, or even a 2D way, like crunches or leg raises? These exercises don't engage the core muscles in the natural way. With 4D training, you’re engaging those core muscles from every possible angle there is, as they were meant to be engaged, and that's the main reason this device works so well. 

After using it for a while, I noticed that there are two really cool things about the CoreFlex4D that make it so unique, innovative and effective, compared to all those other ab workout tools

First of all, it adds that instability to the traditional static plank position, so anything that you do - whether it's a simple plank or a more complex dynamic movement like Plank Jacks - it always requires you to primarily stabilize your body, immediately engaging the entire core muscles. So right of the bat, you're working more muscles than before.

Second, the way it's designed is that from the traditional Plank position you can now do all these movements, such as twist or lean to the sides, tilt forwards and backwards, roll straight forwards or in an angle, and more! This immediately upgrades your abs & core workout.

So although working out with the CoreFlex4D only takes a few minutes per day, it is definitly different and much better than anything I've tried before.

(SOURCE: the CoreFlex4D product page)

What Happened Over the Next Month Was a True Game-Changer for My Abs & Core

When I first tried the CoreFlex4D, I promised my friend I would journal about it to keep track of my progression. Here’s how it changed my life.

Day 1

I was surprised how easy CoreFlex4D was to use and how quickly the workout went by, but it was definitely a challenging workout. I'm not a beginner, but afterwards I could definitely feel soreness in my core where I had activated muscles I hadn’t been activating before.

Day 7

After using this core trainer for a week, I can definitely feel how my core is impacted. It feels sore in the best possible way, like I’m finally hitting all those muscles I was missing, and my entire core feels much more toned and tight.

Day 14

I'm loving this! Two weeks in and I am not only feeling the difference, but I'm also starting to see more definition and tone in my abs. I also love that my wrists and shoulders aren’t stressed when I use it so I can keep my focus on my exercise.

Day 30

I am absolutely amazed and I now see why my fitness trainer friend has been recommending the CoreFlex4D to all his clients. Nothing I’ve done before has ever given me this kind of tone or definition in my abs. In the gym, I’ve been asked by the other guys how I managed to tone up so well and now I’m sharing my secret. P.S. I feel great!

My Final Thoughts on CoreFlex4D

But first... a WARNING!

There are so many scammy products out there promising you’ll get a 6-pack in under 2 minutes a day with no effort. I'm "warning" you - this is NOT one of those things. This is the real deal with a real workout and no magic solutions - just great results you feel and see. 

So after using it for several weeks now, here are my main thoughts:

  • This is the best abs & core workout I've ever done - and I can actually feel and see the results.
  • It engages the entire core in ways that other devices and abs exercises simply don't.
  • It's designed perfectly, making it very comfortable to use and eliminating the pain in the wrists and shoulders. 
  • This can be used by anybody - beginner or advanced.
  • It's nice and sturdy and the quality of the product is great.

How Can you be sure this is the right tool for you?

According to their website, the CoreFlex4D was designed by Fitness Professionals with the objective of taking abs & core workouts to the next level for people of all fitness experience - and in my opinion they succeeded big time! It's very apparent that there was a lot of thought put into the design and structure, to make sure it's both highly effective as well as easy and comfortable to use for anybody.

To back this up they actually offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so if you're not happy with it, you can get your money back - so it's basically risk free for you. That was definitely one of the decisive factors for me when I chose to give it a try.

Plus, they also have training videos and workout plans if you want, to make sure you make the most out of it and get the best results. I got one of the trainings and it's definitely helpful.

But if you're still skeptical after my story, like I was at first, and you want to hear more people's opinions on it, you can read the reviews below, and also check out the testimonial videos and more written reviews on the CoreFlex4D product page. People are literally obsessed with this thing (just like my fitness trainer friend was, and just like I am now).

now's the Time for you to also take your abs & core workouts to the next level!

You know what they say - "the best time to take the step was last year, the second best time is today". 2022 is coming up and what better time to step up your workouts than now!

Right now for a limited time, you can get the CoreFlex4D for 30% off regular price, AND you get the 'Fundamentals of 4D Dynamic Core Training' video for FREE, to make sure you learn how to maximize your ab potential. Watching this video made a huge difference for me in how I use the CoreFlex4D and I highly recommend it.

Click the link below to go to the official CoreFlex4D website - to learn more, watch testimonial videos, check availability, and get yours today.

It's time for you to really rock those abs! Give it a try, you'll thank me later. ;) 

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