Who We Are

Being fitness enthusiasts trying to "survive" in today's fast-paced high-achievement lifestyle, then being hit with the harsh new Corona reality, we founded CoreMasters out of a clear necessity - keeping fit and healthy was becoming more difficult than ever, and none of the existing solutions were good enough. 

Going to the gym is very time consuming, costly, requires that extra motivation after a hard day's work, and intimidating at times.
The market is flooded with high-end expensive bulky home fitness equipment that required extra room and a degree in fitness training to understand how to use.
And then, there are those gimicky home fitness items that claim to give a "full body workout" but then turn out to be half-useless, poor quality, and end up being stored under the bed or in the garage. There goes your workout.

We had enough of that, and started the journey that ended with the development of our two key products - the AbsMaster Pro and CoreFlex4D. Both were developed to offer highly effective home workouts, unlike ever before, be very easy to use, affordable, and compact. 

Our goal was clear - to make it as easy and as accessible as possible for anybody to have a great and effective workout from home, get the results you want, without sacrificing the guest room or your pension fund. No fitness gimicks or fads!

We have 3 core values that are more important to us than anything.

Helping people stay fit and healthy

We've had enough of pandemics and epidemics! Obesity, children's diabetes, and other diseases do not have a place in this world, and we want to do our part to achieve this goal.

Accessibilty and affordability

Our vision is that everyone should be able to stay fit and healthy from home, not matter what their lifestyle, schedule, previous fitness experience and bank accounts look like.

Community and improving together

The community is the core of every movement. Together we can share ideas, learn from each other, and motivate each other.