Simple Ways to Get Rid of Love Handles

April 22, 2021

Despite their cute name, there is nothing cute about love handles. This refers to the excess fat that may be sitting on the sides of our waist and can hang over the top of our pants. Getting rid of these includes dietary, lifestyle, and exercise changes. Are you ready to wave them goodbye? 

1. Cut out added sugar

Added sugar can be found in products such as candy, cookies, sports drinks, and soda. Aside from the fact that it’s linked to a many health issues (such as heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes), eating too much added sugar can lead to an increased amount of body fat, particularly in the belly area! This does not refer to natural sugar like the one found in fruits.

2. Move during the day

Finding simple ways to keep on moving throughout your day can help you burn calories and therefore lose excess body fat. Try setting a timer every half hour to get up and walk to the water cooler. This can make a big difference for weight loss.

3. Stressing out does not help

Yes, stress can make us gain belly fat. Yikes! This happens because stress triggers the production of the hormone cortisol (also known as the “stress hormone”). Cortisol is produced by your adrenal glands when you experience stressful situations. Even though this is a normal function, stress and overexposure to cortisol over a long period of time may cause side effects like anxiety, headaches, digestive issues, and weight gain. Try incorporating meditation into your workout routine. 

4. Get enough sleep

Just like stress, not sleeping enough may also affect your body fat since it increases cortisol levels. Studies show people who are sleep-deprived, usually weigh more. Aim for 7 to 8 hours of interrupted sleep every night! 

5. Add in whole-body moves

You may want to focus on the part of your body that bothers you, but keep in mind that working out your whole body can be more effective to slim down that muffin top. Incorporate exercises that use many muscles at once (like the ones shown in ourAbsMaster Video Training Series!). 

Maximize your home workout with the AbsMaster and get rid of those love handles in no time.