5 Songs To Get You Moving

April 26, 2021

We all have that one song that makes us feel ready to take on the world. Here are five we know will get your blood pumping. 

1. “Body” — Megan Thee Stallion

I absolutely love Megan because she’s confident in who she is. This tune is strong, fast, and will get you the inspo you need to work that extra rep in your routine. 

2. “Level Up”— Ciara

There’s always room to push a little more. Ciara puts a smile on your face and inspires you to well, level up. 

3. “Pour Some Sugar on Me” — Def Leppard 

Who doesn't love a classic rock and roll song? It’s loud, energizing, and inspirational. Listen to this while working out your core and feel the burn!

4. “Break Free” — Ariana Grande

I love the lyrics to this song. They make me feel like I can overcome anything. Everybody needs a “breaking free” moment and why not have it while sweating all that negative energy off? 

5. “Disco Inferno” — 50 Cent

You can’t go wrong with 50 Cent. This throwback will take you back in time and infuse some crazy energy into your workout. 

Personally, I love listening to my playlists while working out at home. That comfort gives me the freedom to scream out my songs as much as I want. Want to try it out? Check out the AbsMaster, the most effective and practical way to exercise at home.